Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crazy About Craig's List

Alright, anyone who's done some Craig's List shopping knows what I mean here... you can save a RIDICULOUS amount of money on there.

I first discovered CL a few years ago when I bought a new laptop and needed to get rid of my old one. I was a little off put by the 928374938 people offering to buy it and wanting it shipped to Africa (who knew they didn't have Gateway's out there??). Doug and I ended up deciding to move in together and needed to get rid of almost all of my furniture, I was amazed at how easy it was to unload things on there, it was like an online garage sale!

I started cruising the sale ads and found out how much I could save on stuff I already needed. When we had our son, I ended up pretty much exclusively buying stuff for him on there (with the exception of the car seat... I just think that's a shaky idea, but that's another day). I found a GREAT crib for $150 that had been used for a year and cost around $600 when purchased new. I pretty much outfitted all the furniture in his room for $300. With my daughter I bought everything cheap because I had no money, but it was crap furniture and I pretty much spent about the same.

Kids clothes are the best, I've bought a few lots of clothes for both of my little ones for pennies on the dollar. People will sell lots of clothes SUPER cheap when you buy all their inventory. This is kinda the reason for my rant today, I bought a box of little boy clothes off of CL yesterday for my son and WOW. I spent $25 for 36 pieces that I'm sure would have cost me $200-$300. I gotta say I'm going to have a hard time shopping retail again.

If I could add up my savings through CL, I'm sure I could buy a car (maybe a clunker, but still). I'm seriously a little in love, its sick. So trust me people, hit up your Craig's List!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Well, I'm apparently bored... its too late at night... and sometimes you just feel like talking and talking but no body is listening.

Tomorrow (I guess today since its after midnight) my husband and I are starting Dave Ramsey, so we are making yet another mad stab at becoming financially free. We live like your standard upper middle class family, 2 kids, 2 cars and a dog... but I don't want to end up being in DEBT like your standard upper middle class family. While we are probably light years ahead of a lot of families, we definitely have a lot to learn.

We'll see where it goes!